The Narration: Kevin E. Green was a great pick for the narration. He had a great old, slightly gravelly voice for Leo and a great kid voice for Samuelle. He also did Italian accents for all the Venetian natives. His female voice (I believe there was only 1) was believable. There were no recording or technical issues. 

Kevin E Green’s narration is nothing short of exceptional. His voice is a perfect match for the gravitas of Watson, striking a delicate balance between warmth and authority. Green’s ability to convey the nuances of each character’s personality, from Holmes’ razor-sharp intellect to Watson’s steadfast loyalty, elevates the audiobook to an immersive experience. His pacing is impeccable, drawing the listener deeper into the narrative with every word. Green’s nuanced delivery enhances the emotional resonance of the selected cases, making each one a vivid and memorable experience. Audible reviewer.

Green has a good voice to listen to, and he does a wonderful range of both male and female voices, his characters voices were clearly distinguishable so that you clearly understood who was talking without having to be told, which made the flow of the story so much better, and made for a great audiobook.

“Let’s not forget the narration. Kevin E. Green has to be English, Scottish, French, Welsh, Danish and so on. He does a superb job and that on its own deserves a standing ovation. Couple together exquisite and elegant writing and outstanding narration and Heir to a Prophecy is a joyous way to spend 13 hours that you won’t regret”.  Melanie Preston Lewis 

“Kevin E Green has a true talent and gift for narration. He is able to bring characters to life and pull you right into the story. He did an exceptional job on narrating both my novels, going above and beyond to make sure everything was perfect. I cannot recommend him enough. He is a true master of his craft.”  Genevieve Raas, author of ‘Spin’ ,  ‘Twist’ and ‘Break’

“I thoroughly enjoyed the audiobook and Kevin’s brilliant narration was well paced and evocative”.  Ian

“I have listened to more than my share of these delightful talking books inthe last few weeks, when the nights have been difficult.
 Apart from the superb atmosphere of your work, there was the added delight of an accent that took me home.”   Sylvie

“Thanks so much for recording this – your talent at dialogue really made this book. If you were nearby I’d twist your arm to make you to tutor me in how to read as well as you do. Your villains are hateable, your good guys loveable, and to top it off you have a lovely voice and a charming accent”.   Margaret

“Hello Kevin, I just finished listening to your audiobook version of 450 Miles to Freedom & I have to say it was one of my favourite books (& audiobooks) of all time. Thank you for a fabulous job & often as I was listening I was thinking this reader (Kevin Green) is doing an amazing job and making me believe he could be the author himself.”   Bryson

“His characterisations are extremely good and heightened my enjoyment of the mystery novel.” 

I would like to send my thanks to Mr Kevin Green.   I first heard Mr Green via his recording of Stories of Ancient Greece and Rome on Youtube and so much enjoyed it that I tracked him back to Librivox to hear the rest of his recordings.
I record Audiobooks myself, though not on Librivox, and I appreciate his delivery style very much. The quality too stands out among many, and shows a real care for the crafting of pleasant recordings.   Thank you sir for all your efforts, I for one enjoy them immensely.    Steve

Stumbled on the Telleyrand Maxim by chance and was enthralled. 
‘Till then, my benchmark for reading aloud had been Michael Sheen’s reading of La Belle Sauvage, but you nailed Telleyrand so well; now it’s a dead heat. 
Great work.
 Colin Seeger B.Juris LL.B, Australia