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Born in the East Midlands too many years ago, I have traversed the country in several jobs, from Suffolk to my present Lancashire, picking up local accents along the way.  I first started in ‘the business’ as actor folk like to call it, about 30 years ago but in a purely amateur way, although our productions were hailed as ‘very professional’.  My day jobs were in the scientific and technical industries, giving me a good knowledge of a wide range of technical terminology – and how to pronounce it properly!  

I first started narrating books to my two young sons at bedtime – as many of us do, narrating the whole of ‘Lord of the Rings’  to each of them in turn as they were several years apart in age.  This planted the narration bug in my mind, and having listened to a few audiobooks, I thought I could do that, and discovered Librivox on the internet, who are always on the lookout for people to narrate old and out of copyright books.  It is a voluntary organisation, but well run, and a great training ground for narrators.  I narrated over 20 books for them, often receiving good reviews.

When I retired from my day job, I decided to see if I could make this work and signed up with ACX to narrate books for Audible and get paid for my efforts.  7 years later I have narrated over 100 audiobooks via ACX, Findaway, Tantor and several independent publishers, and have recently been voted a finalist for the 2022 RONE audiobook awards.

Apart from audiobooks, I am also available for voiceover work, adverts, corporate videos, educational videos etc.

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